Who has control?

Is it just me or are you a ravenous beast the week before you start your cycle?

Like, I have no control, if its not nailed down; Ill eat it!

And it that's not bad enough when you get your period its like you turn into a screaming banshee.

My partner reckons I have three emotions psycho or a two year old having a tantrum or sulking when I don't get my way. (its all light hearted fun)

And I agree with him, don't tell I said that thought!

When I'm menstruating I have to really stop and think before I open my mouth because you cant take words spoken back, It takes meditation, herbal teas and pain relief to deal with myself. Seriously why? 

I haven't always been like this, I'm now entering Perimenopause and over the last year I have turned into this person that cant control the feelings or emotions.

And if all of the above is not applicable, I will hide in my room, in bed, streaming crap on tv, and heaven forbid if you ask me to do something.

I've always wondered how did women deal with this stuff in the 1800 - and early 1900's, actually to the beginning of time, it was a very taboo subject we have evolved quite a lot, or did they even have these troubles? 

Are these troubles we have with periods also evolved due to the bad diets, medications, beauty products & environmental factors and so on... We have nothing to base it on so how do we know?

I think that's enough bleating on today, what's your thoughts? and experience's?

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