Pain-free periods-are they achievable?

Pain and periods seem to go hand in hand. We feel Aunt Flo's imminent arrival sometimes even before she has even walked through the door. Some of us get off lighter than others (pun intended!). Some experience a day or two of low belly cramps that can be managed with some over the counter medication but others can find themselves in for a continual week long sucker punch to the gut.

What if there was a way to experience our periods without the pain? Well, there is!

Science and experience are showing us that dietary and lifestyle factors play a huge role in our hormones and therefore how we experience our periods. Here are just some of the factors at play.

Eating enough of the right foods

Eating less of the wrong foods

Quality of sleep

Stress levels


Vitamin D (That feel good hormone we can only get from sunshine exposure)

Here at Hey Flo we are big believers in education as a way to experience healthier and happier periods alongside stocking a wide variety of products to take the hassle out of them. Follow along on our Instagram page or blog for more!

*all information outlined in this blog post is that of personal opinion and should not be used in place of medical care

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