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Organic Cotton Period Thong

Organic Cotton Period Thong

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It's been our most asked for style, and now its here and better than ever. Our AWWA thong isn't just a panty liner alternative, we've developed moderate flow absorbency in a g-string style. Say goodbye to VPL and hello to easy, period.

AWWA logo brand detailing

  AWWA signature indigenous band detailing

  Mid rise g-string cut brief

  Super soft cotton and super slim gusset feels just like ordinary underwear

  Wear your Thong for the duration of the day you normally wear two regular tampons or pads

  After use, rinse in water and pop into a waterproof bag if you’re out and about, or throw straight into the washing machine with your ordinary load

  Do not use fabric softener 

  Put on another pair of your period-proof underwear and go enjoy your day, care free.
MODERATE TO AVERAGE FLOW - holds 2 tampons / pads or 12mls 
Materials: 95% Organic cotton, 5% Elastane


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