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Love Luna

Love Luna - Full Brief

Love Luna - Full Brief

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Love Luna Underwear - Full Brief is made from super soft cotton with a high waist for maximum comfort. The full brief is your must have shape and it keeps your belly button warm! 

Love Luna Underwear - Full Brief is super effective!

  • Love Luna Underwear - Full Brief is a great overall fit, giving you maximum comfort throughout the day.
  • It has a super sleek 3mm thick absorbent core which makes it feel like everyday underwear.
  • The built absorbency layer helps tackle a gentle period flow as well as your normal daily vaginal discharge. Overall, this will keep you feeling fresh throughout the day!
  • Always make sure your underwear fits snugly around your legs to improve its effectiveness, in other words the sizing is key to its overall effectiveness!

Regular full brief - 15 - 20mls 

Heavy full brief - 40mls 

The four layers of protection include:

  • SOFT COTTON LINING: On the inside closest to your skin for all day/night comfort
  • ABSORBENT PADDING: Breathable layer to catch all those spills
  • WATERPROOF LAYER: Protects your sheets and clothing and prevents awkward accidents
  • SLEEK MICROFIBRE OR COTTON OUTER: On the outside depending on your choice of brief
  • Composition: Outer + Lining: Cotton/Elastane
  • Padding: The four layers of protection include a soft cotton lining, absorbent and breathable padding, a waterproof layer and a sleek microfiber outer. Polyester/Viscose/Elastane (Exclusive of trims)
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