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Icon Duo Gift Pack - Fruit Loot

Icon Duo Gift Pack - Fruit Loot

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Sip on tangy pomegranate or sweet-as peach bundled up into two cute fruit-covered tins

Some of the juiciest flavours out there are right here; Packs A Peach and Pumping Pomegranate unite, each one bringing their A-game when it comes to a fruit flavour-filled tea moment.

  • Packs A Peach: Fresh, succulent peaches mingle with white hibiscus, apple and papaya. This tisane is naturally sweet thanks to chicory root.
  • Pumping Pomegranate: The essence of the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul. A sweet, tangy and mystical flavour, this tea will take you on a flavour journey with its many surprises.
  • Two different loose leaf fruit teas housed in two gorgeous little tin. The unique illustrated tea tins are original designs by our own in-house design team inspired by the ingredients in each tea. Total weight 70g 2.5oz; Packs A Peach 40g 1.4oz, Pumping Pomegranate 30g 1oz.

From fruits to spices, tea leaves to herb bushes, 100% of our tea is sustainably sourced.

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